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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Quality Medical Care and Convenience When Clients Need it Most

Injuries from motor vehicle accidents coupled with the need to process the necessary paperwork, attorney interfaces and insurance claims can add stress and adversely affect the healing process. At St. Paul & Biddle Medical Associates / Pacific Rehab of Maryland we provide our patients with quality care while managing the required documentation and legal relationships to help them focus on healing.

Specialists in Soft Tissue Injury Care with Patient Advocacy

At St. Paul & Biddle Medical Associates / Pacific Rehab, we have established hundreds of professional relationships in our region. When a patient is referred to us for treatment for injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident, we have extensive experience in addressing their needs relating to the handling of their claim. This experience and knowledge includes providing attorneys with several significant services. They include:

  • Managing all requests for detailed information regarding a patient’s condition and treatment;
  • Understanding the necessity for confidentiality and working within legal guidelines;
  • Processing all the necessary legal paperwork;
  • Working with attorneys on both sides at the time of settlement to accommodate any special needs or requests

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We understand how complex motor vehicle accidents can be. Our professional medical team, established track record with the legal profession on all fronts and knowledge of motor vehicle accident processes, can provide you with the resources to help our patients receive the care they need and have their claim settled efficiently and effectively.

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