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Experienced in Patient Care and Attorney Interaction

Our team of physicians and licensed physical therapists is ready to provide their expertise in the treatment of patients injured as a result of Workers’ Compensation, Motor Vehicle and Personal Injury accidents.

Coming from a wide range medical specialties, they are licensed and experienced medical practitioners who bring a level of understanding, compassion and knowledge to help develop and manage the treatment of patients with soft tissue injuries. This treatment and care includes patient evaluation and treatment planning.

Physician Expertise That is Ready to Help When You Need It

Each of our twenty-five (25) locations has a physician(s) on staff that can access other physicians for additional input in the patient evaluation process. This collective team of medical multi-disciplinary professionals has the collective experience to address the care and treatment for any soft tissue injury. This care can include:

  • Developing a patient treatment plan;
  • Working with therapists to help assess patient progress and problems;
  • Working confidentially and within legal guidelines;

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